Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Digital Studio Page!
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The weather is getting better to get out and take some pictures! I need to start filling my scrapbook. This page is so simple and I love the full page photo effect. Simply add a photo box to the size of the page and when you place your photo in it, you can double click it to crop and move the photo.
Try different effects...for instance, once your photo is placed on the page where you want it, go to the edit menu, copy and then "Paste in Place". This will place your copy directly on top of the first one. Now, click on "Photo effects" (on the right side, in your "Design Center" for Photos) and change it to "sepia". Since you are changing the top copy of the photo, reduce your opacity to around 60 or 70% (again in the "Design Center"). This will give your photo a slight sepia tint.

Micky Seerveld
Stampin' Up!, Walworth WI

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